Heating Control System

Heating plate


Heating Plate provides accurate temperature control to maintain sensitive thermal condition of the sample. Uniform and even heat distribution of the plate enables accurate and stable temperature control. Heating Plate is compatible with various types of chambers including commercial slide, coverslip, and culture dish, and it is also compatible with immersion objective lens.


Product no. Product
IP01-HEA-HG01 Heating Glass
IP01-HEA-THG1 Table-type Heating Glass


Powerful Features

  • Minimize top plate temperature departure
  • Faster temperature arrival time
  • High durability & stability of heat

Increased Convenience

  • C-Type connector
  • Convenient height adjustment
  • New controller

Heating Plate

  • Precise temperature control using PID control
  • Uniform heat distribution of plate
  • Compatible with commercial chambered slide, coverslip and culture dish
  • Compatible with immersion objective lens

Standard Type


Heating Glass
Tablet-type Heating Glass


Standard Heating Plate Specification
Dimension 160 x 110 mm
Weight 157g
Sensor Pt 100ohm
Material Anodized aluminum alloy

Fluidic Inline Heater

IHS Series suggests effective and simple way to inject perfusion solution using in-line heating system


  • Minimal dead volume of 150㎕
  • Easy assembly of flexible support arm using magnetic system
  • Easy attachment using clamp with magnetic on/off system
  • Accurate & precise temperature control of medium using PID control
  • Able to regulate temperature, program temperature gradients, and record temperature over time


Internal Dead Volume 150㎕
Inlet/Outlet Tubing Size O.D 1.1mm | I.D 0.7mm
Heating Method Cartridge heater
Temperature Range Ambient +3℃~45℃
Inline Heater Dimension 20ø x 139 mm
Supporting Arm Length 500 mm
Inline Heater Main Body Material Acetal component, aluminum alloy

IHS Series

Fluidic Inline Heater

Effective and simple way
to inject perfusion solution using
in-line heating system