About us

LCI develops and manufactures the total solution for Live Cell Imaging

LCI is one of the world’s bio leading manufactures of high quality products and technology in bio-instrument, and specialized
in bio-technology for live cell imaging system and bio-consumables as a global leading company.

LCI’s products are dedicated to experiments of live cell imaging; Bio-instrument including Customized Microscopy system,
Stage-top Incubator system, Anti-vibration platform, IVF, Environmental control system, Heating glass and plate, stage adapter,
Bio Consumables including imaging chambers, special well plates and culture dishes.

Researchers and Engineers of LCI, who are specialized in biological, mechanical & electrical engineering, develops and
manufactures bio instrument and consumables.
LCI is also in collaboration with global renowned companies for innovative technology and project.

Vision & Mission

Live Cell Instrument (LCI) aims to be a global bio instrument & consumable company. Our mission is to provide the best technology and service for bioscience industry and also opportunities for potential bio-companies.
  • 2021Launched Medical Device Division
  • 2020Company Relocation (Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do)
  • 2020Commercialized Incubator System T & Image ExFluorer
  • 2020Certified as a venture company (1st)
  • 2019Operating bio consumables factory in Gumi city
  • 2019Integrated platform for mechanically conditioned cell and tissue (Curibio ODM)
  • 2019Automated RNA/DNA Extraction System (Genolution ODM)
  • 2018CTC liquid biopsy Driving Device and Disc (Clinomics ODM)
  • 2018Exosome separation Driving Device and Disc (Labspinner ODM)
  • 2015Advanced Tissue clearing & Immunostaining devices (ODM)
  • 2013Inno-Biz/ Established Research Institute
  • 2008Commercialized Anti-vibration platform (MagLevit)
  • 2007Commercialized Multi-well Incubator for Microscope
  • 2005Registered and Commercialized Imaging Chamber for microscope
  • 2004Established Live Cell Instrument (LCI)

Organizational chart