Medical R&D

New Concept of Intra-dermal Injection System

(Multi Needle Array & Electroporator for Intra-dermis)
  • · After injecting drugs evenly into the skin using dozens of needle arrays, electrical stimulation is performed to maximize the drug's intracellular introduction.
  • · Increases efficiency by more than 10 times than the existing intramuscular injection using syringes.
  • · Unique and innovative structure that integrates the drug injection needle and the electrode, making it easy to mass-produce and low production cost.
  • · Intradermal Multi-Point Injection & Multi-Point Electroporation (25needles & 25electrodes/cm2) for maximum effect using minimal drugs.
  • · Reduces pain during skin injection with short needle (~1.5mm)
  • · The disadvantages of the microneedle patch (difficulty in quantitative injection, difficulty in FDA approval due to additional substances) may be resolved and quickly applied to clinical practice.
  • · Application of various electrical protocols (μsec~msec duty, 0~300V) depending on the type of ingredients
  • · Use of low electricity to minimize patient pain during injection
  • · Fully automated injection process reduces medical staff fatigue which can make medical mistakes
  • · Reducing patient Injection Disapproval
  • · Patent applied


Back, Nak-hwan

Director, Baek Hospital, Inje University

From the view of a hospital director, it was unfortunate that high-priced medical instruments, which is relied on imports, is often not fully utilized and left out in accordance with the hospitals or clinics circumstances. I am delighted to hear the opening of Medical:Depot, a second-hand medical e-marketplace that you can most trust and wish this takes lead in the efficient use of medical devices and establishment of transparent dealing culture.

Han, Man-cheng

Emeritus Professor, Seoul . National University Former Head of Seoul National University Hospital

Equipping adequate and excellent medical devices for providing high-quality medical services is one of the basis of hospital management.
I’ve been thinking that it will be great if there is a professional business that can deal used medical equipments at a reasonable price in a short time due to the frequent changes of the medical environment. As the environment change, some medical devices are not needed anymore and get replaced by new devices.
Looking at the business model and the management of Medical Depot, it is nice to see an online market that provides reliable total services for used medical equipments. We are expecting Medical Depot to activate the sales of used medical devices and turning the benefits to both buyers and sellers with honest and efficient managements.

Kim, Sung-hee

Director, KAIST Graduate School of Techno-Management

e-Business is now the trend of corporate management in the 21st century knowledge and information society. KAIST Graduate School of Technology is pushing education and research in e-business as the most important challenges. Until now, medical devices of great value have not been used properly due to the lack of information systems and brokerage functions, which is the inefficient use of medical resources and ultimately the loss of our economy. We hope that Medical Depot’s pursuit of informatization and efficiency in the sale of used medical devices through e-Business will open a new chapter for transparent and fair use of medical devices by executives and advisors who combine timely, professional and reliable.

Changkyu Lee

President, Korea Medical Equipment Association

The domestic medical device market has exceeded KRW 1 trillion in 1999. While recent changes in the medical environment and systems have led to an increasing demand and supply of used medical devices, There were many cases where there was no smooth distribution market, so it was left unattended. We welcome the establishment of Medical Depot, which sincerely intends to treat used medical devices, and trustworthy to those who intend to trade used medical devices; I recommend it because it is considered to be a companion.