Medical Device Division

To contribute to the improvement of national health through professional services in the field of medical devices, we provide specialized medical devices in domestic market.


We sale and supply sustainable categories of medical devices in dermatology, general practitioners, and internal medicine, including diagnostic equipment, laser management and treatment equipment, consumable supplies.


In addition, based on the technical skills and know-how to maintain endoscopic equipment used in the medical and examination, we provide services to various regions such as Seoul and northern Gyeonggi province.

Athlete’s foot laser equipment

Double wavelength laser by diode laser ables more accurate investigation and treatment of the target area, mycosis of hand and foot.

Endoscopic equipment

PENTAX MEDICAL is an authorized distributor in Seoul and northern Gyeonggi province, providing better service to hospitals by selling equipment and repairing systems

Endoscopic equipment repair service

Based on faster and more accurate repair systems than other companies, we are actively utilizing to each endoscopic equipment maintenance system.