1. Circulating Tumor Cell(CTC) Enrichment Device & Disc

  • Specialized in Circulating Tumor Cell(CTC) base
  • Precision medicine, Liquid Biopsy and Big Data for anti-cancer division
  • KOSDAQ listed(2020)

2. Extracellular Vesicle(Exosome) Enrichment Device & Disc

  • Specialized in extracellular vesicle(exosome) base
  • Precision medicine, Liquid Biopsy
  • Fast and efficient EV enrichment
  • Tangential flow nanofiltration on centrifugal microfluidic device

3. Automated DNA Extraction Device

  • Conducts manufacturing/service business such as IVD medical instrument focused on molecular diagnostics, RNAi related products and services
  • Under joint development of convenient type device
  • KOSDAQ listed(2020)

4. Extracellular Matrix Imitating Device & Consumables

  • Founded by researchers and engineers at university of Washington(UW)
  • Imitates the native extracellular matrix and structures cultured cells into physiologically relevant models
  • Acquired venture company specialized in artificial intelligence application and machine learning to in vitro cell-based assays