Incubating System

Gas Exchange System GX-2

Most CO2 incubators are used with gas cylinders to supply gas. Gas cylinders need to be replaced frequently depending on the amount of gas used. GX-2 has been developed to automatically supply gas from another gas cylinder when all of the gas in one gas cylinder is used up.

  • Efficient Use
  • Easy Installation
  • Compact Design
  • Replacement timing notification function
  • Install tank quantity not limited


  • Designed to utilize the difference in the air pressure to automatically open a valve of the gas cylinder without electricity
  • Gradual automatic exchange of one gas cylinder to another by air pressure difference (Option to connect two, four, or more gas cylinders to GX-2 as)
  • Prior to running out of gas from the last gas cylinder, the alarm sounds. The alarming circuit is supplied by a 9V battery
  • A compact design to stand or wall mount
  • Equipped with inlet indicators for the current supplying gas

Two Gas Cylinders
Connected to GX-2

We do not recommend a flammable and/ or corrosive gas which might lead to a fire or an explosion when it leaks.
GX-2 Dimension (W) x (D) x (H) mm
Weight kg
Power 9V (Alam signal)
Gas pressure ranges Inlet gas pressure Max. 7bar
Outlet gas pressure Max. 3bar
Input gas pressure Max. 4bar