Cell Cultivation



Large Scale Cell Cultivation
  • • Optimized plasma treatment for maximizing cell attachment
  • • Large surface area, equal to 31 (90mm) dishes
  • • Disposable bottle can be used stand-alone
  • • Mass cell culture device for the production of cell therapy products, exosomes, protein drugs and viruses.
  • • Maximized cell culture efficiency with special plasma treatment
  • • Enables real-time cell state monitoring (Option)


Compact Design


Easy to Use


Real-time cell monitoring



How to use Ingens Bottle for Cell Cultivation
  • 1. Place the cells with media into the bottle
  • 2. Lay the bottle horizontally, then stand the bottle again. The media will be placed into each layer evenly and the space between the layers allows for gas exchange.
  • 3. Place the bottle in a conventional CO2 incubator

Cell Culture


Model no. IGS-26(Disposable bottle for cell cultivation)
Culture media volume 300 ml
Dimension ø118 x 234h
Dish layer 26
Cell cultivation surface area 1748cm²
Items Cat. No. Specification
Bottle for cell cultivation AT-1 (12EA/1pk) 1748cm² surface area (equal to 31 dishes of 90mm ),
26 layer dish, reflection plate for transmitted image

IHS Series

Fluidic Inline Heater

Effective and simple way
to inject perfusion solution using
in-line heating system