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Image ExFluorer

The Image ExFluorer is a turnkey solution for live cell imaging and analysis platform that enables to observe and capture cellular dynamics over the time with flexible fluorescent microscope.


It brings an advanced level of automated microscopy with high-end components equipped in the system. The featured options and modules provide flexible scalability to address your research needs with wide range of filters and objectives in fluorescence, brightfield, color brightfield, and phase contracts imaging channels for maximum application reach.


In particular, integrated environmental control system allows successful live cell kinetic imaging with mimic physiological environment including containment of CO2, O2, and humidity control and monitoring.
Our systems for high-contents imaging and analytical tools are highly tailorable and making it easy to evolve your system alongside your research quick and effortless.


A.I support enhances your image analysis and acquisition

  • Image Restoration
  • Image Prediction
  • Image Segmentation
  • Image Clarification
  • General Analysis 3(GA3)

All-in-one Integration

2D/3D/ Real-Time Deconvolution

Multi-dimensional imaging

High-Contents Analysis

Environmental Control

Phase Contrast Imaging

Dark Room Effect

Measure Glutathione Levels in Living Cells (Optional)

AI Analysis

Ready to Use

  • All-in-one Integration
Designed all-in-one integrated system allows researchers to save space as well as handsfree from set-up of a microscope and incubation system.

2D Deconvolution

3D Deconvolution

  • 2D/3D/Real-time Deconvolution
It offers your 2D/3D/Real-time fluorescence image more vivid and detailed from haze and out-of-focus background. Its integrated GPU system can support reliable & fast process of computational process of the deconvolution.
  • Multi-dimensional Imaging
Capture time-lapse, multi-point Z-stack, and multi-color image with fully automated multi-dimensional fluorescence imaging.
  • High-contents Analysis
The researchers can acquire abundant data, and perform high throughput assay combined with automated hardware and acquisition & analysis software. It is compatible with various types of multi-well plates (6, 12, 24, 48, 96, 384, 1536 well) under autofocusing and real-time focus correction.
  • High-contents Analysis
The researchers can acquire abundant data, and perform high throughput assay combined with automated hardware and acquisition & analysis software. It is compatible with various types of multi-well plates (6, 12, 24, 48, 96, 384, 1536 well) under autofocusing and real-time focus correction.
  • Environmental Control System

Integrated incubator system provides precise control of CO2, O2, and humidity for your long-term live cell imaging.
  • Phase Contrast Imaging
Analyze living cell’s natural state without stained or fixed enhancing contrast.
A dynamic of biological process can be observed and recorded.
  • Dark Room Effect
Provides perfectly enclosed darkroom to block out the ambient light, which can cause a blurry image collected from a fluorescent microscope.
  • Measure Glutathione Levels in Living Cells (optional)
Introducing the first method to safely monitor and measure the glutathione levels in living cell. It helps to select a high-quality cell for cell-based therapies and a wide-range of biomedical applications where cell quality needs to be assessed.

Dedicate to development of: Cellular therapy, Cell cultivation, Cell quality measurement kit, Exosome manufacturer, Stem cell culture bioreactor

Image Prediction

Predicts high SNR images in the form of fluorescent image even under non-fluorescent or low concentration fluorescent labels.

Application : Cell count, Cell growth, Cell tracking, Wound healing etc.

Image Clarify

By contrasting the signal differences in low contrast images, the blurry part is removed, and the high signal part is reinforced to reconstruct the image with high clarity
Application : Cell count, Cell morphology, Cell tracking etc.

Image Restoration:

Restore details of the samples with low signal to visualize or segment
Application : Cell count, Cell proliferation, Cell tracking, Cell migration, Wound Healing etc.

Image Segmentation:

Specify the desired area within the image. It Generates consistent zoning results across multiple images through various criteria.
Application : Cell count, Cell proliferation, Cell tracking, Cell migration, Wound Healing, Intensity Quantitative Analysis etc.



Customize your cell imaging needs

Objective lens selection

6- position automated objective changer

There are 6 possibilities of position of object
Download the PDF file below for your objective lens selection

LED filter selection

6- position automated filter cube changer or Dye selection chart insert

Motorized epi-filter has motorized shutter and 6-position for filter cube. DAPI, GFP, TRITC is included as standard, and more filters are selectable


General Specificaion
Transmitted light
Imaging camera 5.5MP sCMOS
Objective changer 6-position changer
Filter changer 6-position changer
Autofocus Image Autofocus+NIR LED source
Plate support up to 1536
Light source White LED>60,000
Environmenal control
AI analysis (optional)

Image ExFluorer-AI

High-contents Live Cell Imaging System

Cell biologists are increasingly seeking techniques to perform live-cell imaging experiments. However, it is difficult to work on each cell image. Image ExFluorer proposes AI technology that facilitates data analysis for researchers at the forefront of the bio industry. Image processing, which was previously difficult or impossible, will provide researchers with customized solutions and convenience with more advanced technologies through AI system. Comprehensive cell recognition will reduce your time by applying various tasks collectively.


Cells Analysis with AI

Many researchers spend a lot of time analyzing cells. As separate standard is established for each image, it takes a lot of time, and the data varies depending on the operator’s proficiency. However, AI system enables integrated processing, allowing more sophisticated and faster processing of images.

– Image Clarification : It is a technology that finds the origin of fluorescence through a pre-trained algorithm and makes to clear the phenomenon of blurring in addition to Cell Signal, one of the disadvantages of existing wild-field microscopes. This greatly helps to effectively control the blurry image of fluorescent images to implement the shape of real cells.

– Image Restoration : Many researchers are worried about cell damage caused by strong light. Some cells are extremely sensitive to phototoxicity and need to be photographed as quickly as possible. However, it effectively restores images that have been compromised due to a small amount of light. This can be applied effectively in sensitive cells.

– Image Prediction : By recognizing certain forms appearing on two different images (e.g., fluorescent, BF), we can train to predict (fluorescent) different images (BF) through one image (fluorescent). Through this, researchers can get away from concerns about cell damage caused by phototoxicity such as UV, and allows researchers to obtain various data.

– Image Segmentation : It is very important that computers recognize the cell areas. This is because various data can be obtained by designating regions. If there is not much difference between the cell signal and background value, it is not easy to obtain the desired data if the criterion is given as a traditional threshold value. However, using this feature will enable researchers to learn the areas they want to use on the computer, and will accurately set up the cell region through various criteria. Researchers can do a batch of integrated processing without having to work on multiple images of the same cells one by one.

– General Analysis 3(GA3) : GA3 creates a playground for integrated process from imaging to analysis and data management. Users can build algorithms that fit their user objectivity by linking desired functions to the image. Through these tasks, a number of images can be performed in an integrated manner according to the specified algorithm.

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