LED Excitation System


Designed for working with various types of multi-well plates (6, 12, 24, 48, 96 well plates)


Supports multi-well plate platform of Optogenetics technique for manipulating cell activity and expression by light stimulation
Controls independent well by touch-screen control pad & PC software
Controllable excitation intensity & wavelength to independent well
Programmable illumination intensity & pattern
User-friendly & intuitive controller interface


Well Plate LED


LED Specification
Wavelength (nm) R 620~630
G 515~530
B 465~475
Intensity (mcd) R 550~700
G 1100~1400
B 200~400
Dimension 191 x 122 x 137mm
Weight 504
Power 100~240V
Power Consumption 36W(200V: 100% RGB, 2 heating fans)
Controller Specification
Dimension 230 x 142 x 95mm
Weight 1850g
Power 110~240V