Live Cell Incubating System

Stage-top Incubator System TC

Incubator System for Various Types of Chambers and Well Plates
Stage-top incubator system TC creates a stable cell environment by maintaining proper temperature, humidity, and pH over the long term.


  • Compatible with most microscope stages
  • Easy & fast exchange of the plate by magnetic force
  • Able to control temperature & gas concentration, and program temperature & gas concentration gradient
  • Available using with various Magnetic Imaging Chambers, including commercial culture dishes and well plates
  • Provides optimum mixed gas to all incubator systems with FC-5N or FC-9 (instead of using pre-mixed 5% CO2/ 95% air gas)
  • In/out ports without opening the incubator cover using CM-B-PA, CM-B-PB (perfusion, injection of liquids, drugs)
  • Record the temperature and gas concentration over time using CCP software


Temperature Range Ambient +3℃~+45℃
Recommended 5% CO2 / 95% Air Flow Rate 100ml/min
Dimension Cover 164.9(W) x 134(D) x 11(H) mm
Main body(Insert part) 160(W) x 130(D) x 14(H) mm(160 x 110, universal K insert size)
Heating Method Cover Invisible coating heater
Main body Thin layer heater
Humidifier Cartridge heater
Lens warmer Thin layer heater
Sensor PT 100ohm
Incubator Material Black anodized aluminum alloy

Available with various chamber types

Magnetic attachment cable

  • Patent magnetic connection
  • E-asy installation
  • Intuitive connection

Touch pad control

  • 8 inch wider touch pad
  • Easy to control

Sliding incubator cover

Whole open incubator cover