Incubating System

Cage Incubator System HX

Acrylic Cage-type Incubator

Cage-type incubator HX provides precise and synchronized temperature control of microscope and various peripherals.

Recommended to :

  • Super-resolution microscopy, extremely sensitive to temperature change
  • Experiments using high-magnification lens, microinjection, various devices


  • Provides precise and synchronized temperature control of microscope and other devices
  • CO2 is controllable without heating element using gas-mixer or pre-mixed gas
  • Able to keep humidity using humidifier without heating element
  • Able to control temperature and gas concentration, and program gradients
  • Able to record the temperature and the gas concentration over time with CCP software

Temperature controller and a warm air blower

Warm air goes into the cage incubator through 2 air tubes from the outlet of blower.
Temperature Range Ambient +3℃~+45℃
CO2 Control Use premixed gas or FC-5N, FC-9
Heating Method Blow heater
Humidifier Non-heated humidifier
Sensor Thermo-couple
Incubator Physical Dimension Variable depending on microscope
Material Acrylic plastic
Blow Heater Dimension 240(W) x 200(D) x 380(H) mm
Weight 7kg
Power 100~250V

Available with various chamber types

Magnetic attachment cable

  • Patent magnetic connection
  • E-asy installation
  • Intuitive connection

Touch pad control

  • 8 inch wider touch pad
  • Easy to control

Sliding incubator cover

Whole open incubator cover